Organizations and Stakeholders


I’m Kristin, a communication and arts aficionada. I have a passion for connecting with people. Use this site to find out more about me and view examples of my work.

The most important aspect of communication is the personal connection. This idea seems to get lost as social media push us to count friends, blog and tweet. It’s necessary to use these new technologies to build genuine relationships.

Nothing connects people to each other and themselves more than the arts. My passion for music has driven me to promote the arts in my volunteer work and my profession.

My degrees in Communication: Public Relations and Media Arts and Design: Corporate Communication have given me the training and tools to begin my communication profession.

Three internships with an arts center, regional library and county government have prepared me to enter the competitive public relations and corporate communication industries.

My portfolio shows I have integrated communication experience such as working on two informational campaign projects for the March of Dimes and Madison Society. I also highlight my leadership skills involved in being Drum Major of the 450-member James Madison University Marching Royal Dukes.

Today’s marketing, advertising and public relations professionals need to be all ears when it comes to working with audiences. Business communicators need to strategize to build conversations and trust between themselves and the people they are trying to reach with a message.  In this blog, I will be discussing how organizations use social media to develop relationships with their stakeholders.

Please contact me regarding any questions you have about my experience highlighted in my portfolio. I would love to meet with you to discuss how I may be a great fit with your organization.


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