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Tips to build relationships using social media

This post includes tips for your organization to use when creating its social media communications platform.


The Human Experience

Your audience wants to encounter your brand through people and Web 2.0 facilitates the human experience online. Social media and Web 2.0 is about hosting conversations, sharing personal experiences, and building community around your brand.

Many organizations already offer the human experience even on their main websites. Ad Age, for example allows readers to comment on their stories so they not only get the main story, but other perspectives from people who pay attention to the advertising industry. One of these instances is a recent Ad Age article, “SoBe Ditches Creative Agency in New Marketing Approach.” On the Ad Age Website for the article, there are up to 20 comments after it was posted three days ago. The article also features an example video of a new SoBe commercial.

Another great example of a company using Web 2.0 is Nabisco’s Oreo website. This site offers an interactive “Oreo Moments” area to hear other people’s story and share your own about Oreos.

Oreo Moments shares the human experience.

How can you give the human experience?

  • Post images of people in your organization
  • Talk personally and from your experience
  • Post videos. A picture may tell a thousand words but a video can tell the whole story.
  • Host conversations. Always allow other people to comment about your brand.

A communicator has to recognize that particular audiences have particular needs. It will be difficult to attend to the specific needs and give the human experience using the same old Web 1.0 corporate website. Giving the human experience means you might have to choose one of your specific audiences for each facet of your social media or community. For example, Disney fosters communities for many different audiences. For a couple of examples, Disney offers a Moms Panel and a site for kids to play games.

Using social media is about putting a human or a personal experience with the any topic you search.  If you’re not ready to give the human experience on your organization’s website like social media is a good place to start.

Are you giving the human experience?

Build a community and they will come

So many corporate communicators use social media to post the latest advertisements or talk about the new bells and whistles for their product. While this is contributing to corporate image, it is not building relationships or starting conversations. Building relationships is key to getting customers to return to your website, blog, or social media site.

Pete Cashmore, CEO of successful social media blog, Mashable, also says using social media is about building a community because it is more important to start conversations among readers than to just be the site that they go to for answers.

Magazine Industry using communities

Parents magazine uses a community. google images

Ripple6, a marketing consulting agency helped Parents Magazine implement their social media strategy, which included a highly interactive Parents community page. This page offers a place for moms to meet other moms or contribute their own story to moms who are going through the same things.

Cosmopolitan, another women’s magazine, also uses a Cosmopolitan community page on their social web site. I can follow conversations that are happening right now. One post on the message board is “Should I keep flirting with my coworker?” People have been sporadically posting answers to this question and to each other since a year ago.

Communities is where the people are, and where you should want to be

Freelance marketing consultant, Helen Leggatt, describes “digital villages” where you can attract your consumers. These villages are where your customers are spending their online time. It is useful to know where these communities are because customers are not going to go out of their way to type “find me a new brand to follow” in Google search.

Are you building a community where your customers would want to be?