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This page organizes links to the resources I used with the most recent blog posts first. The links within posts are in order of where they are found in the post.

4/21 People say I’m well-linked

Coyle, C. L., & Vaughn, H. (2008). Social networking: Communication revolution or evolution?. “Bell Labs Technical Journal,” 13(2), 13-17. doi:10.1002/bltj.20298
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Posted.” Brown, Ali. (2011). Getting lucky… with LinkedIn. Forbes.
Lewis Howes.” (accessed April 21, 2011).

4/18 Tips to build relationships using social media

“Mission.” “The Mission of Southwest Airlines.” About Southwest. (accessed April 18, 2010).

“Nuts About Southwest.” (accessed April 18, 2010).

Mashable. (accessed April 18, 2010).

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Radian6 (accessed April 18, 2010).

“What makes a CEO Blog Popular.” RaganCommunications Youtube Channel. (accessed April 18, 2010).

“Social Media Tips and Hints.” RaganCommunications Youtube Channel. (accessed April 18, 2010).

4/18/10 The Human Experience

Ad Age. (accessed April 18, 2010).

“Comment.” Natalie Zmuda. “SoBe Ditches Creative Agency in New Marketing Approach.” Ad Age. (accessed April 18, 2010).

“Oreo Moments.” Nabisco World. (accessed April 18, 2010).

Oreo Moments image. Nabisco World. (accessed April 18, 2010).

“Moms Panel.” Walt Disney World. (accessed April 18, 2010).

“Kids to play games.” Games. Walt Disney World. (accessed April 18, 2010).

March 21 — Using Social Media to build relationships with journalists

Schellinger, Kristin. “News Organizations Using Social Media.” Organizations and Stakeholders. (accessed March 21, 2010).

“Online news rooms.” Stoller, Bill. “Creating Your Online News Room.” All About Public Relations. (accessed March 21, 2010).

“social media news release.” “Social Media Press Release: Template Version 1.0” Shift Communications. (accessed March 21, 2010).

Pitchengine. (accessed March 21, 2010).

Kent, Christine. “Eight Ways to befriend Journalists Via E-mail.” Talk to me like a Marketer. (accessed March 19, 2010).

March 9 — Social media and investor relations

“Investor Relations Image.” Google Images. (accessed March 9, 2010).

Q4 Web. “Social Media, Investor Relations and Web Disclosure.” Q4 Blog. (accessed March 9, 2010).

Reg FD updates. Morgan, Nicholas. “SEC Updates Regulation FD Guidance.” DLA Piper. (accessed March 9, 2010).

Sun Microsystems logo. Google Images. (accessed March 9, 2010).

“Official Investors Communications Portal.” “Oracle Investor Relations.” Oracle. (accessed March 9, 2010).

Sun Microsystems Twitter page. Sunmicrosysems. Twitter. (accessed March 9, 2010).

“DellShares.” Dell Community. (accessed March 9, 2010).

DellShares Twitter page. DellShares. Twitter. (accessed March 9, 2010).

“Dell Q4 Earnings.” Dell Vlog Channel. Youtube. (accessed March 9, 2010).

eBay logo. Google Images. (accessed March 9, 2010).

“eBay Investors.” eBay Inc. (accessed March 9, 2010).

March 8 — Build a community and they will come

Knight, Kristina. “Why Community Building is Better Than Simple Social Marketing” BizReport. (accessed March 8, 2010).

“Cashmore Says Social Media Provides Sense of Community: Video.” Youtube. (accessed March 8, 2010).

Parents Magazine Cover. Google Images. (accessed March 8, 2010).

Ripple6. (accessed March 8, 2010).

Parents Community (accessed March 8, 2010).

Cosmopolitan Community. (accessed March 8, 2010).

Should I keep flirting with my coworker?” Cosmopolitan Community. (accessed March 8, 2010).

“digital villages.” Leggatt, Helen. “Online Consumers Inhabit Digital ‘Villages.'” BizReport. (accessed March 8, 2010).

Feb 27 — News Organizations using social media

MSNBC image. (accessed February 21, 2010).

CNN. (accessed February 21, 2010).

ABC News. (accessed February 21, 2010).

Youtube Channel. ABC News Channel. Youtube. (accessed February 21, 2010).

MSNBC. (accessed February 21, 2010).

San Francisco Chronicle Web site. San Francisco Chronicle. (accessed February 21, 2010).

“Staff blogs.” San Francisco Chronicle. (accessed February 21, 2010).

The Wall Street Journal. (accessed February 21, 2010).

The Washington Post. (accessed February 21, 2010).

Journalism Code of Ethics“Code of Ethics.” Society of Professional Journalists. (accessed February 21, 2010).

Jarvis, Jeff. “Missing the Point.” Buzz Machine. (accessed February 21, 2010).

“Let’s Talk: Journalism and Social Media.” The Niemen Reports. Niemen Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University. (accessed February 21, 2010).

Feb 25 — Small businesses use social media to reach customers

Social Media Logo. Google Images. (accessed February 21, 2010).

The Main Cup. (accessed February 21, 2010).

Facebook page. The Main Cup. Facebook. (accessed February 21, 2010).

advice. Dodds, Jo. “Advice for Social Networking for Small Businesses.” Business Wings. (accessed February 21, 2010).

McGee, Matt. Small Business Search Marketing. (accessed February 21, 2010).

worries. McGee, Matt. “More Small Businesses Using Social Media.” Small Business Search Marketing. (accessed February 21, 2010).

Feb 19 — Is your audience listening to its friends?

Dehaven, Todd. “Social Media Marketing Revolution Animation of Audience Growth.” (accessed February 19, 2010).

“Whom Do You Trust: Edleman’s Barometer.” Advertising Age. (accessed February 19, 2010).

Edelman Trust Barometer. Edelman. (accessed February 19, 2010).

Bush, Michael. “In Age of Friending, Consumers Trust Their Friends Less.” Advertising Age. (accessed February 19, 2010).

Advertising Age. (accessed February 19, 2010).

Stanchak, Jesse. “What does the decline of peer trust mean for social marketing?” SmartBlog on Social Media. (accessed February 19, 2010).

Feb. 19 — How are audiences using social media?

Social Technographics. Bernoff, Josh, “Social Technographics Defined.” Groundswell. (accessed February 19, 2010).

Forrester. (accessed February 19, 2010).

“Conversationalists.” Bernoff, Josh. “Social Technographics: Conversationalists Get onto the Ladder.” Groundswell. (accessed February 19, 2010).

Marketing Profs Blog. Marketing Profs. (accessed February 19, 2010).

describe. “Conversationalists’ Climb Social Technographics Ladder.” Marketing Profs. (accessed February 19, 2010).

Defren, Todd. “Who’s Todd Defren.” PR-Squared. (accessed February 19, 2010).

Defren, Todd. “Audience Targeting in Social Media.” PR-Squared. (accessed February 19, 2010).

Defren, Todd. PR-Squared. (accessed February 19, 2010).

Feb. 15 — Pick the people, then the tool

Finch, David. “The Social Media Trap: What’s the Next Big Thing?” Social Media Explorer.(accessed February 13, 2010).

Baer, Jay. ‘Social Media Strategy.” Jaybaer00’s Channel. Youtube. (accessed February 13, 2010).


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