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How are audiences using social media?


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As I was in class this week, we discussed how Forrester researchers came up with “Social Technographics” to help organizations know how their audiences are using social media. I have to wonder, what kind of user am I?

Forrester created a ladder model of types of social media users ranging from “Creators” to “Inactives.” Audiences can participate in different groups, but the ladder is ordered from most active to least active in the world of social media.

There are seven groups on the “Social Technographics” ladder, and Forrester has even updated the ladder to include “Conversationalists.” A group of Marketing Professionals and Professors who began the Marketing Profs Blog describe these new “conversationalists” rung on the ladder and what it means that Forrester added it.

I have come up with my own list of the general types of social media users:

  • Doers – These people who create the social media and start the conversations. They were the   first bloggers.
  • Talkers – These are the select individuals who keep the conversations going and speak their minds in the world of social media and influence everyone else.
  • Readers – Make up most of the online population. They are influenced by the talkers and doers, so it’s extremely important not to ignore them.
  • Not-interesteds – People who do not use social media, but they still might be in your target audience.

PR Professional Todd Defren discusses Audience Targeting in Social Media and the same types of audiences in his blog PR-Squared. He uses similar names for the people who are the people who care the most about their subjects, the people who change other people’s minds on a subject, and those who are the general social media users.

So, which am I? I was relieved to find out that I didn’t have to choose one. Being a corporate communication student, I am a Doer, a Talker, and mostly a Reader when it comes to my social media usage. Which are you?